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Safeguarding our customers and partners, the environment, and employees is Alpha Omega Recycling’s top value.


Open, active communication is at the heart of our customer service and what makes Alpha Omega’s operation successful.

Team Work

Our team includes a variety of industry experts who can coordinate with your business to deliver innovative, cost-effective waste management solutions.


We’re committed to having socially responsible practices that exceed environmental standards and help our clients meet their goals.

Our Core Units of Business

Alpha Omega works with a wide variety of metal-containing wastes and byproducts from an assortment of industries. There’s virtually no type of metal-laden waste that we aren’t familiar with, but the most common types of materials we process are:

spent catalysts aplhaomega recycling

Spent Catalysts

Catalysts used in refining petroleum and other types of manufacturing often contain metals, metal oxides, or sulfides. When the catalyst is no longer usable and is deactivated, it is known as a “spent catalyst,” and it can then be sent for processing to recover the leftover metals. From there, the metals are recycled or properly disposed of.

Scrap & Residues

Manufacturers are regularly left with residues that they need to deal with. But instead of paying someone to simply dispose of the material, we can recycle it for you. This reduces negative environmental impacts and also has economic advantages. We accept all categories of non-ferrous and precious metals, byproducts and prime materials. Included in the list of things we accept are ashes, tubings, slags, filter cakes, sludges, drosses, residues, dusts and fines.

Ores & Concentrates

An ore or concentrate is a kind of aggregate or similar product that comes from manufacturing. They contain high levels of metal, which make them ideal for recycling, and they’re often repurposed to create secondary products. At Alpha Omega, we can process nearly any type of metal-bearing ore or concentrate.

Smarter, Environmentally Conscious Waste Processing

For businesses looking to recycle their industrial byproducts in an environmentally friendly manner, we have solutions. Not only can we help you meet your environmental goals, we’ll help you streamline your whole waste management process, so you can operate more efficiently and improve your bottom line. To find out if our services might work for you, click below to learn more about the metals we work with, or simply contact us with your questions.