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Open, Active Communication

One of the main reasons that we have such trusting, long lasting relationships with so many of our customers and associates is our clear, open lines of communication. From the first time you inquire about our services, to when you become a client, and throughout all your time with us, we stay in regular contact and make sure you’re informed of what’s happening and that all your questions and concerns are addressed. Although we offer the benefits and resources of a large company, our customer service is far from feeling corporate. We’re friendly, personable, and provide informative feedback about your waste streams that you can really put to use.

Reporting that Helps Your Business Improve

As an Alpha Omega customer, we want to help you simplify your waste management reporting, including what’s necessary for compliance and sustainability purposes. Also, we know that you can’t effectively manage what you’re not aware of, which is why we provide easy to understand, valuable feedback on your recycling systems. Our sophisticated data management programs allow us to rapidly compile a report with all the information you need to get a clear picture of your waste reclamation process and its efficiency. These aren’t the typical, standardized reports that are loaded with jargon and only aim to tell you what you want to hear. Instead, we provide real information that you and your employees can immediately use to pinpoint areas for improvement.

If you need specific data at certain time-frames to comply with things like annual hazardous waste or sustainability reports, we can collect and provide you with that information. No matter your waste stream, volume of material, or environmental standards, we’ll supply you with the reports you need to ensure your business stays on track.

Establishing Trust through Transparency

We feel good about the work we do at Alpha Omega and welcome you to visit our facility to see our state-of-the-art operation or to meet with one of our representatives. We’re happy to explain what we do, how our processes work, clarify our quotes, or answer any questions.  We want you to feel completely confident in our services, and we know that maintaining complete visibility is a key ingredient in making that happen.

We maintain our transparency and direct communications throughout our relationship with you and your business. As such, we’re able to help guide you through the highly-regulated arena of reclamation without stress or headache. As our client, you’ll have a dedicated project consultant to oversee your waste management services who is always available for your assistance. Furthermore, we always appreciate suggestions on how we can enhance the services we offer, as we’re always striving for improvement.