Amlon Resources Group LLC (ARG) has demonstrated a continuous and ongoing commitment to customer service, efficiency and communication. After several months of infrastructure improvements and training, we are implementing a state of the art, customized program called the Client Resource Management (CRM) system.

As of August 1st, CRM system is fully operational and populated with data about every ARG project! Using CRM has allowed us to enhance our efforts on meeting our customers’ needs by improving communication among our offices and providing useful statistical information about our managed materials and the markets in which we operate.

The position of Info-Systems Coordinator has been developed to oversee the new system and we are pleased to welcome Ms. Amy Buchtman who will fill this role. Ms. Buchtman’s responsibilities will include the management of efficient information channeling from all Amlon offices and Agencies worldwide, and will also work to ensure that this information is accurate and applicable for reporting purposes.