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Materials We Accept

At Alpha Omega, we’re capable of processing a wide range of metal-containing byproducts, including the shaded elements in the periodic table below. 

Learn More About The Metals We Process

To find out more about an element we accept, simply click on it above to get information about its properties and common uses. An example of materials we handle is detailed below. Additionally, you’re welcome to contact us with any questions about your specific materials.

Wastewater treatment sludges
Raney catalysts
Spent catalysts
Blast media
Spent inorganic solutions acidic
Spent inorganic solutions alkaline
Drying agents
Slags and scales
Liquids contaminated with metal
Solids contaminated with metal
Sludges contaminated with metal
Plating baths
Metal over-spray
Precious metal contaminated waste
Inorganic byproduct and surplus
X-ray film/Industrial x-ray
Silver oxide batteries
Platinum catheters
Thermocouple wire

Listed Hazardous Wastes
(Code of Federal Regulations)

F006 – Wastewater treatment sludges
F019 – Wastewater treatment sludges
K061 – Electric arc furnace dust
K171 – Spent hydrotreating catalyst
K172 – Spent hydrorefining catalyst

Characteristic Hazardous Wastes
(Code of Federal Regulations)

D001 – Ignitable
D002 – Characteristically corrosive
D003 – Characteristically reactive
D004 – Contains arsenic
D005 – Contains barium
D006 – Contains cadmium
D007 – Contains chromium
D008 – Contains lead
D009 – Contains mercury
D010 – Contains selenium
D011 – Contains silver