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Our Partnerships

Amlon Resources Group LLC

Corporate Office:
10 East 40th Street
New York, New York 10016

USA Tel: (212) 685-4456
email: amlon@amlonresources.com

Alpha Omega is proud partners with Amlon Resources Group LLC. Amlon is an international group of companies that are focused on metal recovery and environmental management. They create, institute, and manage full-service metal reclamation operations around the world.

Amlon has been in business for over 30 years and has created reclamation programs for some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies. They’ve worked with a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, agri-business, automotive, mining, metals, electronics, and more.

Amlon is based in New York and has offices or representatives throughout the USA, including in Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. They also have international offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, China, Dubai, South Africa, and Trinidad.

Benefits of Our Partnership with Amlon

Amlon has decades of experience managing and recycling spent catalysts and other metal-bearing wastes. They have developed sophisticated solutions for dealing with complex or difficult to manage byproducts. Being able to integrate our two systems allows us to offer even more options for our customers.

Through our combined experience, knowledge, international network, resources, relationship, capabilities, creativity, and unique ability to handle varied types of metal-containing wastes and other byproducts, we are able to offer customers an unrivaled reclamation and recycling program.

Alpha Omega’s partnership with Amlon positions the two groups as market leaders with a vast array of connections and resources. This makes it possible for us to have a highly efficient operation and the ability to negotiate better pricing, which we then pass on to our customers.