Responsibility in All Our Operations

Responsibility isn’t just a word we say at Alpha Omega, it’s fundamental to everything we do and a primary reason we joined the metal recycling industry. We consider it our duty to create and implement practices that are socially responsible, and we’re especially dedicated to our responsibilities to the environment, our clients, employees, and our future success.


Thanks to the efforts of our clients and the services we’re able to provide, we’ve kept countless tons of unprocessed waste out of landfills over our many years in business. We’ve also reclaimed an enormous amount of metal and other useful products that otherwise would have just been thrown away. We think of it as our responsibility to continue to innovate waste management solutions, so we can be better stewards of the environment and help our customers surpass their own sustainability goals


Without our clients, we wouldn’t be able to operate, so we naturally feel a great responsibility to provide them with the best and most competent waste management services. We do this by regularly conducting research and improving our methods, staying on top of the latest regulations, investing in our employees, and generally finding ways to build upon our services. As leaders in our industry, we know our clients look to us for advice and opinions, and we take responsibility to always provide accurate and current information.


We think of all our employees as part of the Alpha Omega team, and we’re committed to giving our team members a safe, pleasant, and rewarding place to work. We recognize the value of work-life balance, establishing a positive company culture, and properly training and rewarding our employees. This has resulted in a highly productive team that takes pride in their work and is happy to serve our clients and the environment.

Our Future Success

We also have a commitment to protect our company’s financial success and future. This is necessary, so we can continue to offer superior, uninterrupted services to our customers and further reduce negative impacts on the environment. We’re constantly working to reduce costs and improve our efficiency. And while we strive to safeguard our future success, we never place our finances above our responsibility to our clients, employees, or the environment.