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Safety is Our Top Value

Safety is at the heart of our mission at Alpha Omega. Much of our work is driven by our goal to protect the environment and to provide new purpose for materials that would otherwise go to waste. We’re equally concerned with the well-being of our employees, associates, and customers as they work together to collect, transport, and process various waste materials. As such, we maintain the highest level of safety standards and are vigilant in ensuring these criteria are upheld throughout all of our processes. After all, we see our purpose as being much greater than merely recycling metal; we aim to make the world a better place.

Customer Safety

We understand that manufacturers need to dispose of their metal-bearing waste in a safe manner that adheres to all environmental and safety regulations. Solving this problem for our customers is at the core of what we do at Alpha Omega. We provide the same, high-level safety standards for all those who trust us with their recycling needs – from large, international businesses to mom-and-pop operations.

Our commitment to the safe processing of your materials includes all the steps before and after pickup, as well as assisting you with the best practices for handling the waste-products at your facility. Additionally, during transit and recycling, you can feel confident knowing that our team has all the required insurances and credentials to safeguard your business from liability.

Our Personal Safety Standards

Alpha Omega has a zero-incident safety policy, which means our aim is to never have a safety problem. To make this happen, we have strict guidelines for virtually any situation and ensure all employees, contractors, and even site visitors are regularly trained in the procedures. As a whole, we’ve made safety a part of our company culture, and we always strive to prevent accidents before they occur. In the rare case that an incident does happen, we also have a clear course of action for dealing with the event to minimize possible harm, and we always analyze the incident afterwards to look for ways we can improve.

For our customers and stakeholders, our dedication to safety gives them the confidence to know that they are working with a company that is conscientious and won’t have production interrupted due to preventable safety setbacks.

Environmental Safety

As a reclamation company, reducing environmental harm is fundamental to what we do and something we hold dear. Not only do we aim to keep unnecessary wastes and potentially hazardous byproducts out of landfills and the environment, we also work hard to curb any possible negative impacts from our operations. Therefore, we meticulously design all our processes to foresee potential hazards and then implement controls to keep negative outcomes to a minimum.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to the environment and know that when their waste materials leave their facility that they’ll be handled with the utmost responsibility. This allows our clients to feel proud about what they do, knowing they’ve reduced the environmental cost of their manufacturing.