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Who is Alpha Omega Recycling

Amlon Resources Responsibility

Alpha Omega Recycling offers reclamation, processing, and recycling services for businesses with metal-bearing byproducts and wastes. We’re capable of handling complicated waste streams in an environmentally friendly way that also streamlines our clients’ operations and helps them meet regulations.

Alpha Omega Recycling provides recycling services for industries that produce hazardous and non-hazardous, metal-containing byproduct. We are experts in managing and repurposing difficult-to-handle materials that ordinary recyclers aren’t equipped to take. The list of materials we deal with includes paste, sludges, filter cake, metallic dust, and a wide range of other industrial waste. We help businesses safely remove these waste or byproducts from their premises and then recycle or repurpose them in an environmentally conscious way.

If your business produces industrial, metal-bearing byproduct, you need a reclamation partner, like Alpha Omega, that can assist you in processing the material in a way that’s safe and adheres to all environmental regulations. Alpha Omega also offers you a comprehensive list of services and benefits, which include:

  • We provide solutions for handling listed, characterized, hazardous, or otherwise problematic wastes.
  • We offer competitive pricing while delivering top-rate services.

Logistical Services

As an Alpha Omega customer, we’ll assist you through the entire waste removal process. This includes lending you our expertise, at every steps of the process. Our team is highly qualified in transport of hazardous materials and have the necessary credentials and insurances to protect your business from liability. Once the waste is delivered and processed, you’ll receive a  certificate of recycling noting your proper handling of the material.

Who We Serve

Whether you’re dealing with large amounts of waste material, small quantities that accumulate over time, or you only need one-time recycling, we’re here to help. Our processing units are customized for specific chemical and regulatory standards, which means we can handle a wide variety of waste and deal with complicated recycling requirements.

Getting started is easy – simply contact us, and we’ll do an analysis of your material and let you know if we can process it based on the current metal-recycling criteria. If so, we’ll inform you of the steps for moving forward and projected costs.